Thursday, 25 October 2012

Round up of movement :October

spectra movement this month has been vast with alot of movement with wilts & Dorset selling more spectras and dawson rentals  selling another T-AUA so movement below

YCZ101 (Ex L751FRD) has moved from cockney coaches to sliverline coaches . its kept at travel with Hunny depot

M136KRU ,M138KRU, L127ELJ & M947KRU moved from wilts & Dorset to  Marchants
Coaches, Cheltenham via ensign bus (Dealer)

T126AUA sold on to Sussex FROM Dawson rentals  and re reg-ed KIG3429. This bus hasn't really done any think in past 5 years so it good to here it's out on the road again 

K108VLJ & L129ELJ have been sold from new horizon to Waltons,Freckleton

K107VLJ has also been sold from new horizon not clear who to yet

K303FYG & K313FYG has been sold from  Fairbrothers to unknown at moment

 RH transport Oxfordshire has gone bust so K312FYG & K323FYG are hopefully to move on to a new company soon (fingers crossed)

and that's   all fokes  :)

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