Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Well I would like to welcome you to hopefully a helpful and of interesting blog. About the Optare spectra's moments and my quest to hunt them down thought the U.K  

a quick history of the bus that is the Spectra
Launched in 1991, the Spectra is a double decker bus body built on the DAF/VDL  DB250   chassis.
The vehicle was developed as a joint project between Optare and DAF; based on the designs of the successful MCW Metrobus which Optare had purchased, but they are no means a restlyed Metrobus
The first low floor example of the Optare Spectra entered service with Abus  on Wednesday 4th February 1998. This saw R222 AJP becoming the first low floor fully accessible double deck bus to enter service in Great Britain. 235 were made for the U.K  and Turkey had 32 that was ment to go to Turkey but only 31 went due to IETT Istanbul cancelling  the order for the last one. which was later sold on to Ipswich buses as  P422SWX in July 1997   
My passion for The spectra started when i was coming home from Huntingdon back to Cambridge when Huntingdon & district had just been taken over by stagecoach.  I had T129AUA back and i loved it was the best bus i had been on and it stared a long fascination with them . im also very lucky to get to get one named after me at Norfolk Green after bugging a director to get one as they was looking for deckers and now they have NINE of them all ex Reading Buses the one with my name on is 1 YE52FHF 

1 YE52FHF Seen on the way to King Lynn

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